A few days ago Panasonic quickly, ever so briefly showed the world a concept 4K AVC-Ultra Varicam camera at NAB 2012. Did anyone else see that the 4K Panasonic Varicam has an Android phone in the first section of the three modules? Not the actual camera shown on stage but the CAD drawing of the concept camera. Look closely at the camera body’s LED screen. It is a phone. GAME CHANGER, DSLR KILLER, BMD WHAT… I hear you say. Well maybe changing the game one rule at a time.
Now if we rotate the image 69 degrees and enhance and enhance some more… STOP!!! There!!! You can clearly see the touch screen is an Android phone. Shoot 4K and update your Facebook status. Why yes, I shall. What a great and forward thinking camera. Thanks Panasonic.
Real, I ask you to prove otherwise.

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