At NAB Snaproll Media and Brain Farm showcased their latest aerial wonder , a RC helicopter with a Cineflex set up. Possibly one of the camera rig wonders of the world: The Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 / Cineflex RC Helicopter.

Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS integrated with CINEFLEX is the ultimate gyro-stabilized solution for aerial cinematography. The CINEFLEX is a multi-axis coordinated gimbal control system that provides layered isolation, steering, and fine correctional movements to stabilize a wide selection of precision optics to a sub-pixel level. The S-100 navigates via pre-programmed GPS waypoints or is operated with a pilot control unit. Missions are planned and controlled via a simple point-and-click graphical user interface. The pair of these two high advanced systems gives us the ability to capture fully stabilized high quality images with ease.

Please see Snaproll Media and Brain Farm for more details.

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