Matt from gives his thoughts on using the Sony a7S II camera in real life paying environments.

This time it’s weddings.

A Wedding Cinematographer's Review of the Sony A7S II from Matt @ on Vimeo.

This is my first vlog, of what will hopefully be many, aimed at helping wedding cinematographers. So if you are a wedding cinematographer/videographer/friend that was randomly asked to film a wedding/uncle bob in the back of the church with a camera/whatever, and you want to get better at filming and editing weddings, I hope this series will be helpful to you.

With that in mind, I wanted my first video to be useful and specific. Too often I find myself watching a review video of a camera where the reviewer is filming a wall, plant, or test chart and talking about settings for 15 minutes. I want real world examples! Show me what the image looks like on a real shoot! I have tried to do this for you with this review of the Sony A7S2.

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