Not too long ago it was so easy to whisper out loud “Playstation” while watching movies and TVC’s that had game like CGI effects.

Toyota Corolla TVC CGI

Thankfully VFX companies like LA based Section Studios have visuals dialed so well it’s hard to tell CGI from the real deal. Section Studios recently worked on a Toyota Corolla TVC with Toronto based, theVanity.

Photoreal CG cameras, tresses, and rigs were done by Section Studios to help create camera setups that were only possible in CG.

video has been removed

Saatchi & Saatchi reintroduces the world to Toyota’s Corolla, like you’ve never seen it before. Director Chris Sargent pulls out all the stops to cover this vehicle in every way imaginable. The spot is relentless in it’s use of camera rigs, cinematic techniques, and angles. Opening on what appears to be a behind-the-scenes view of car commercial production, the spot escalates to incorporate the Big Freeze, octo-copters, and even a turtle-cam! …theVanity

Check out the before and after shots with the rigs slotted in…

Toyota Corolla TVC 1
Toyota Corolla TVC 2
Toyota Corolla TVC 3

video removed

Please hit Section Studios and theVanity up for more information about their inspiration projects like the Toyota Corolla TVC.

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