OmniVision OV13850 PureCel 4K 2K 13-megapixel CameraChip Sensor For Smartphones & Tablets:

OmniVision Technologies have announced the OV13850, a new PureCel 13-megapixel CameraChip sensor for high-performance mobile devices. The OV13850 combines OmniVision’s most advanced process technology and design methods to enable best-in-class low- and high-light performance. In addition to dramatically improved pixel performance, the OV13850 boasts best-in-class… Read More

ARRI AMIRA Camera Features Tour:

Quick one for you: The documentary-style camera ARRI AMIRA features tour. With a solid internal skeleton that guarantees camera and lens stability, AMIRA is a highly durable product constructed of the strongest possible materials. Sealed and capsulated electronics provide top-level protection against humidity and dust,… Read More

ARRI Amira Camera Showreel:

Just when you couldn’t get enough of that new documentary-style ARRI Amira 2K 200fps camera along comes the official showreel: AMIRA features the same sensor and exceptional image quality as the ARRI ALEXA, recording superior HD 1080 or 2K pictures that are suitable for any… Read More