Sony have introduced a 20.68M-Pixel High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor for Consumer Digital Still Cameras and Camcorders.

It will do 4K video mode at 4096H × 2160V, 60fps.

Sony IMX147LQT Sensor

Sony led the industry by introducing the technology of a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor R to the camera market. Now, Sony is releasing “IMX147LQT”, a back-illuminated approximately 20.68M-effective pixel CMOS image sensor that takes further advantage of that technology.

The advanced fine pixel technologies enable the characteristics of high resolution and high-picture quality.

At the same time, Type 1/3.2 cropping functions support 4K video format.

Readout Modes that Respond to a Variety of Needs

Sony’s unique high-speed readout technology makes it possible to select high-definition still images, high-speed video imaging or whatever other drive mode that best suits the purpose.

The IMX147LQT is able to use both Type 1/2.3 and Type 1/3.2 image view angles as the situation demands.

With the choice of Type 1/2.3 approximately 20.68M pixels (4:3 aspect ratio), all-pixel scan enables high resolution images.

When using Type 1/3.2 approximately 9.03M pixels (17:9 aspect ratio), the future development of 4K video format for the next generation is possible at 60 frame/s.

As well as full HD 60 frame/s is supported, multiple video functions are offered, including high-definition slow images at HD 240 frame/s.

Readout Modes

Note: This device was designed for use in consumer digital still cameras or camcorders and may not be appropriate for other applications.

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