Yes, yes April 1st and all… Along comes the Ultrakam App that allows 2K recording on iPhone 5S phone. Selling for $6.99 on iTunes it’s no April fool.

Ultrakam 2K

The claims:


-2K (1936×1446) with M-JPEG codec at 20,24,30fps.
-2K (2240×1672) with H.264 iFrame codec at 20,24,30fps.
-Up to 50MB/s video stream .
-Record full frames in M-JPEG at 100% quality.
-Capture all the color range at 4:2:0 Full range
-2CH Linear PCM Audio 44.1K in .CAF format

-2K (2592×1936) with M-JPEG or H.264 iFrame codec.
-Configurate any custom 1 second interval up to 59:59
-Select playback speed from 6, 12, 24 and 30 fps.
-Shot and remaining time indicator.

Slow Motion
-Maximum available res of 1280×720 up to 120fps.
-Automatically convert to 12, 24 or 30fps to generate up to 10x slow motion effect
-Optionally record at the maximum speed for future processing.

White Balance, Focus & Exposure.
-Independent Focus and Exposure interest areas.
-Independent Focus and Exposure lock
-Automatic smooth rack-focus during recording.
-Familiar hold to adjust White Balance mode.

Gallery and 2K Player.
-Independent gallery to keep files organized
-Our custom player creates an AV preview composition for you at 2K
-The player supports any M-JPEG and H.264 iFrame resolution.
– Playback and audio sync as reference. It may drop frames due the heavy size of the files.
– You can export proxy version to the photo library.

Ultrakam App

Space saving.
-Easily record at proxy resolutions of 90%, 75%, 50% to save space.
-Adjust quality at 60% to disable iFrame and record mobile H.264 video.

-Remote control recording via web (from any phone or laptop)
-HD Free space indicator.
-Drop frames alert.

-Files available through iTunes File Sharing or
-Access them via local WiFi using the phone as a website.

Photo and Color Correction export.
-Easily extract static frames and export them to Cinekolor app.
-Design Color Looks in Cinekolor and then export them as 3D LUTs to any high end software like After Effects, Scratch, Lustre, Nuke or Photoshop.

-Automatic slate capture as reference frame at time zero.
-Audio/Video streams recorded separately for better performance

Latest additions:
-Support for Ultrakam’s Remote Control using Bluetooth Low Energy.
-Easy presets for the Settings: XQ, HQ, MQ, LQ and Web
-Ability to render movie proxies in the player’s gallery.
-Now you can play video in the web gallery (if a proxy was created before).


*The modes expressed are available in the iPhone 5S only. Each device offers different configurations. We recommend iPhone 5S or iPhone5 to take the maximum experience.

*Slow Motion available only in last generation hardware.

2K recording is only available in latest hardware. Specially designed for the iPhone 5S, but also works on iPhone5 and similar iPads.

As with high end cameras, 2K recordings are tough to playback, so you may need to use the “Render Proxy” function in the player to create a more playable version

VFXWarrior is to blame. Sure beats a lame RAW meat gag on April 1.

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