Quick one for you: The documentary-style camera ARRI AMIRA features tour.

ARRI Amira Features Tour

With a solid internal skeleton that guarantees camera and lens stability, AMIRA is a highly durable product constructed of the strongest possible materials. Sealed and capsulated electronics provide top-level protection against humidity and dust, while an integrated thermal core results in an exceptionally efficient cooling system.

All of this means that productions can take AMIRA anywhere and shoot anything, safe in the knowledge that it will not let them down. Whether on a Hollywood sound stage or a remote documentary location, technical delays cost money – money that could be saved by working with AMIRA.

and did you guys catch this quote about the unpriced ARRI Amira?

“It can be revealed that ARRI does not want you to buy a SONY”

ARRI AMIRA camera on the ground

For more information about the ARRI AMIRA camera visit the Microsite.

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