Zoom Handy H4n portable digital audio recorder announced the release of 1.70 firmware version that now adds the function that the recording level of INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 can be set individually.

Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder

How to update the system software

1) Extract the downloaded file. Then, you’ll find the “SYSTEM.BIN” file.

2) Copy the “SYSTEM.BIN” file into the root directory of the SD card via a USB connection.

3) Terminate the USB connection between the H4n and the computer.

4) Then turn power on while holding down the [PLAY/PAUSE] key.

5) Move the cursor to “OK” by using the [DIAL].

6) Push the [DIAL] to start the system update..


We strongly recommend you to use a supplied AC adapter. If the power is off during the update process, it may result in malfunctioning system.

Download 1.70 firmware

For more go to Zoom.

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