Sony have a great poster we have here for downloading on pdf that explains 3D TV and Film very simply by covering the 3D fundamentals like the Eight Depth Cues, Basic Principles, 3D Rigs, 3D Rig Errors, Placing objects in a 3D space, 3D Blindness, Connecting 3D Output, Playing with the 3D image and How to enhance a 3D shot, The Stereographer, and all the way from double lens to Showing 3D in the home.
So if 3D stumps you, or if you are a 3D weekend hack shooter, or even an established 3D Filmer check out the Sony 3D TV and Film Poster for a clear and refreshing understanding of what it takes to shoot and show 3D TV and Film. Or just download the poster to take a gander at what a Stereographer is in the 3D world.

Part of the Sony 3D Poster

Sony 3D Poster for TV and Film

Go on do it download the Sony 3D Poster for TV and Film

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