The guys at Jag35 are flat out bringing out stuff, updating stuff, and working on new stuff. Stuff that makes your shoot go that little bit better. Here we have a nice nifty battery pack that mounts to 15mm rods to help you solve your power woes. Expect to pay around $250 plus shipping.

Jag Battery

We are happy to introduce a new Li-on Battery system for DSLR shooting. It differs from other battery systems in that its housed in an aluminum enclosure designed to be easily mounted on standard 15mm rail systems. Based on a 12V system it will be able to power all 12V devices and can also be steeped down for lower voltage devices using step down cables. The battery has built in level status LEDs and a cheese plate design that allows users not only to mount to rails but also mount other accessories to the battery’s top side. Available in two models: JB4600v1 4600mAh capacity with four 2.1mm coax power plugs And JB9200v1 9200mAh capacity with four 2.1mm coax power plugs and a 4pin 0B.304 LEMO connector.

For more see the guys at Jag35.

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