Zixi have announced a new partnership with JVC Americas Corp. that lights the way to a new, mobile, highly integrated, IP-network based future for professional video cameras.


The partnership will focus on rapidly integrating cloud-based networking features into JVC ProHD cameras. Zixi and JVC believe it is inevitable that functionality that has until now required separate devices will be integrated into a new generation of mobile professional cameras. The first results of the new partnership can be seen in JVC’s wireless-ready GY-HM650 ProHD mobile news camera.

Previously, ENG crews and professional videographers had to integrate various devices like encoders, wireless setups and video transport devices at the shoot in the field. Now that Zixi and JVC have tightly integrated Zixi into the GY-HM650, videographers may simply connect the camera to the Internet at the location and transport high-quality video to its destination using Zixi’s video transport system. Zixi makes it possible to deliver pristine video over the public Internet or private IP networks without worrying about distance, packet loss or quality problems.

“With Zixi built into JVC’s flagship GY-HM650 ENG camcorder, we offer robust video transport solutions, including video switching and transcoding in the cloud, adaptive bit rates and advanced error correction,” said Edgar Shane, general manager, engineering, JVC Professional Products, a division of JVC Americas Corp. “Zixi’s delivery engine dramatically improves quality of HD video streams under difficult network conditions and provides reliable delivery via a single 4G LTE modem connected to the camera without requiring any additional equipment.”

The GY-HM650 can also be used with Zixi’s newly announced cloud delivery service, Zixi Ramp. When using Zixi Ramp in the cloud, configuration of the GYHM650 to deliver flawless video over the Internet is as simple as entering a single IP address. Zixi Ramp permits the GY-HM650 to be used in many additional applications, including live, direct-to-website broadcasts.

“We welcome JVC, a world leader in the professional camera market, as a partner,” said Israel Drori, president and co-founder, Zixi LLC. “This partnership will revolutionize and re-define the term ‘live camera.’ By eliminating the need for additional special equipment and networks, the Zixi-enabled GYHM650 opens up new market opportunities never before possible.”


Zixi will be available in the JVC GY-HM650 Fall 2013 firmware release.

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