Here is just a mere taste of what is covered in the Panavision Primo 70 Series Sensor Size & Perspective White Paper:

Panavision Primo 70 Series Sensor Size & Perspective White Paper


Perspective is key to how the choice of camera distance and focal length describe space; a wide-angle lens can make a room seem bigger, a long lens can shorten the apparent distance between two objects.


While it’s difficult to give a precise number, 35mm filmmakers mention a range of 40 to 50mm. (Some scientists tell us that the effective focal length of the eye varies between 22 and 24mm — depending on accommodation.)


What is the Field of View of human vision? The question is difficult to answer simply, because of the wonderful complexity of human vision. We should distinguish between high-resolution central and low-resolution peripheral vision.


Explore your own Perspective by looking through a viewfinder and then zooming until the image is the same size in both eyes.

Relationship of FOV & Perspective Scalable Perspective

Let’s assume that the central Field of View of human vision has an angle of about 45 degrees, with Perspective corresponding to roughly a 40mm lens. To get the same Field of View in Super 35 you need to shoot with a 27mm lens, or there- abouts, but then the perspective will feel a little exaggerated. To get a similar Field of View with a Dragon 6K, you would shoot with a 35mm, which is closer to 40mm and would yield a less exaggerated, more natural perspective.

A Taste of 70

By using larger sensors and longer focal lengths with the Primo 70s, film-makers can experiment with images that have a more natural relationship between Perspective and Field of View. It is in this sense that shooting with Primo 70s
on bigger sensors can offer “a taste of 70”.


Using longer focal lengths may be part of the appeal of 35mm anamorphic,
which can be seen perhaps to offer a different “taste of 70”.


After all is said and done, the quality of the Primo 70s on different sensors is best appreciated by watching images shot by our cinematographer friends.

To read the complete Panavision Primo 70 Series Sensor Size & Perspective White Paper download HERE.

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