A quick demo of how the Trukstop Multiview wireless transmitter works streaming live video from your camera to your iPhone, iPad, or any other compatible WiFi capable monitor on set. Cost is about $1200 / £699

What’s the quality like?

A: The Trukstop Multiview is a dual-stream device. That means there’s a stream that’s optimized for your mobile device (352×288 pixels) and a full resolution stream (704×576) available for your laptop. Best of both worlds!

Q: How much lag is there?

A: This depends on the device you’re using, as it’s responsible for decoding the stream. With an iPhone 3GS/4 you can expect about 1/2 a second. Laptops using VLC have the option of variable buffer settings, which can be user tweaked to get the lag as low as possible, dependent on hardware. As a guide, most good laptops should be able to get down to 300ms

Check out Trukstop for more information.

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