Wondlan will have a booth at NAB 2014 and have on hand their current product line of production gear, as well as introducing their Freedom Series Wireless Monitor Follow Focus controllers and Synthesis BMCC camera rigs.

Wondlan Freedom Series  Wireless Monitor Follow Focus controllers

If you are tired of being tethered to a camera assistant for focus pulls, want wireless video out to a monitor the director or client can use, you owe it to yourself to check out our Freedom series controllers.

Freedom technology brings uncompromising wireless control to Follow Focus, Time Lapse Sliders and Stabilizers providing dynamic live action Follow Focus change in real time. Even Monitoring camera output is a built in Freedom feature.

Pre-programmable focus points with instant recall that can be selected in random order or real time ’live’ focus pulls, with Freedom the choice is yours.

Wondlan Wireless Follow Focus

Imagine how big the creative canvas can become when steadycam operators are no longer restricted by an assistant in tow and completely free to move about. Real time ‘no touch’ wireless focus pulls from up to 35 feet from the lens and video out with no cable ‘easy-view’ monitoring. Now that’s real Freedom!

Beyond meet and greet you can experience both Synthesis and Freedom hands on.

Please see Wondlan for more info on their new gear at NAB.

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