Letus have a special going for pre ordering their follow focus unit that is about to ship. $499 is the asking price for an essential piece of kit. Take a look at the original prototype Follow Focus Letus announced. They have made some subtle but refines changes. Read on for a rip from the Letus site:

Our number one most requested accessory has finally been completed! Introducing the Letus Follow Focus. The highest quality follow focus you can buy for under $700. There is not a piece in this system that has not been custom designed and built by Letus. Not a single “off the shelf” part was used. Everything is completely made from scratch to our precise specifications. We don’t re-package a cheap, readily available gear box and call it a follow focus. We also CNC mill every component and do not resort to cheap plastic or metal casting in our production process. We build from the ground up while still delivering incredible value.
The Letus Follow Focus is built out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It features an adjustable tension so you can tame those loose focus rings. The lens gear can be moved to either the front or back of the gear box for easier positioning on lenses. The entire setup can be mounted either to the left or right of a lens depending on your needs/preference. The gear box has forward/reverse switching so you can have the wheel spin whichever direction you prefer for pulling focus. The 15mm bracket is quick release and can be snapped to your support rods without removing any other components. This makes it very easy to add or remove the follow focus without breaking down your kit.

Letus Follow Focus Features:
Reversible gearbox
Can be mounted left or right of lens
Height adjustable
Articulating arm with anti-slip rosettes
Quick and simple mounting bracket
Rubberized focus wheel
Adjustable tension
Beveled marking disk
100% custom machined
No cheap over-the-counter parts
No re-purposed 3rd party gear boxes
Almost 0 backlash
Machined to .001mm tolerances
Rivals systems costing $1,000’s more
Satisfaction guaranteed

Go here to order the Letus Follow Focus.

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