ThunderPack is a Portable Battery operated Disk Raid Array system; the combination of Video I/O and advanced Networking makes it perfect tool for field On-Set use.


From FX Systems

ThunderPack by Motion FX Systems from Motion FX Systems on Vimeo.

ThunderPack is a revolutionary portable all in one solution for digital film production.

Due to its unique shockproof design hosted in a compact IP67 (watertight, dustproof) Pelican case, ThunderPack can be used in varying environments and may be easily transported as a carry-on on board an aircraft.

It connects to Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers via Thunderbolt technology, tablets and smartphones via WiFi and combines: a RAID storage array of up to 40TB (RAID-0) or 36TB (RAID-6) storage capacity, an LTO-6 for backing up rushes, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting other devices, a WiFi access point and router with DHCP server, and a Blackmagic Design™ Ultrastudio mini monitor video out card or an AJA io-4K Thunderbolt 2 video I/O card.

ThunderPack is powered by a sophisticated 320W power management system, or by any available 12V solar panel.

Resilience and autonomy are assured by an integrated 588Wh Li-ion battery UPS.


Directed and Edited: George Paterakis
DoPhotography: Michalis Geranios
Video Effects: Errikos Partheniou
1st Asistant DoP: George Logothetis
Crane Operator: Lefteris Paterakis
Script: Alexis Hatzioanou
Voice Over: Ian Robertson
Post Production: Progresisive Media Group

Produced by Motion FX, Copyright 2015

ThunderPack Set up


Rugged, shock resistant design – IP67 case
Gigabit Thunderbolt technology adapter for Mac
3 port Gigabit Ethernet switch
Secure WiFi access point and router
Video I/O AJA io-4k Video I/O or Blackmagic Design Mini Monitor
HD-SDI 3G, REF and HD-SDI, HDMI, stereo analogue Audio outputs
High speed data transfer rate (>700MB/s) with hardware RAID-6 controller
Storage capacity up to 40TB (20 2.5″ 6G/s SAS2/SATA3 hot-swappable disks)
External LTO-6 SAS2 backup device with integrated power supply
Work surface system for maximum flexibility
6-hour autonomy (Li-ion battery UPS)
250W, 12/24V output power; charge MacBook computers and USB devices
Integrated 160w 12v Solar charger
TSA friendly and carry-on capable

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