Introduced on REDuser and at IBC, a new on set system called the ThunderPack…


It’s a Digital Film lab in a box.

The system includes:

40Tbytes of raw storage sporting 20 x 2,5” Hard Disks,
ATTO ThunderStream Thunderbolt SAS/SATA Raid Controller
LTO-6 SAS tape,
VideoI/O with a BlackMagic Design mini monitor or an AJA io-4k,
Gigabit Ethernet with 1x internal and 2x external ports,
WiFi-n 2,5 / 5Ghz router,
2x USB-3 ports,
534Wh Li-ion battery powered system,
6 to 9 hours of power autonomy,
Universal AC power inpout,
Integrated Solar charger for complete autonomy,
Auxiliary power output 12v 60w,
Raw battery output capable to supply 200w to the load,
Patent pending carbon fiber work surfaces system for complete autonomy,
An optional sun block tent,
Soft wheels system with shock absorbing,
A backpack specially designed for work surfaces, Tangent element, LTO-6, two chairs, a monitor tripod, a 19’ LG HDMI monitor and space for cables, accessories cards etc.
All internal subsystems are floating in shock mounts with 5-7mm travel distance,
Waterproof Peli housing,
The most lightweight design possible, with extensive use of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber.

ThunderPack DIT

With just one Thunderbolt connection to a MacBook Pro you immediately have all the above connected. No need to connect power for hours, instant On-Set WiFi for iPads access to dailies, second MacBook Pro at 1Gbit Ethernet speeds for editing, Terabytes of storage with 20 removable disks that you can configure as you like, an LTO-6 to deliver tapes for the demanding productions, a video I/O with a Tangent Element work surface ergonomically aligned with the user and much more…

Basically a ThunderPack system with the Peli case and the Backpack, with all accessories are a totally portable one man DIT system!

ThunderPack DIT Station

For more: lakis [at] motionfx [dot] gr

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