Spanish company Ovide have developed a compact self-contained 22″ touchscreen video assist hardware system based on QTAKE HD. QTAKE HD is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera on set. Ovide has developed a compact self-contained system into a 22″ touchscreen, replacing the bulky units from the past. Everything you need on set is inside Smart Assist.
QTAKE HD already has a huge list of feature films under its belt such as: Prometheus, The Hobbit, Spider Man, Underworld, James Bond: Skyfall, Hugo, X-Men, Men In Black 3D, Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few.

Smart Assist 22 Inch Touchscreen

Features of the Ovide Smart Assist:

High quality recording

Smart Assist

The recordings are compressed using Apple’s ProRes codec. It is the same codec Arri Alexa and Final Cut use. The built in touchscreen is 22″ FullHD (1920×1080), and you can of course use external monitors.


System supports two HD cameras, but you can always link up to 8 systems controlling a total of 16 cameras. All of them will record and payback simultaneously, just with a click.


It can read camera’s metadata: file name, roll, take, etc. Therefore, together with the manually entered info (ie cameraman, take rating, shot type…) will be incorporated to the automatically generated PDF camera report, which also includes thumbnails of each clip.


You can use it in 3D shootings without the need of Stereobrain or similar 3D processing hardware. You can adjust convergece live, preview 3D, measure differences, etc.


You can power the system with anything you like, from 10 to 30v. You can use regular camera batteries, block batteries… the 24v input connector is the same Fischer connector found on Arri cameras, this way you don’t have to worry about 3pin connector’s polarity: if it fits, it will work. The system will automatically switch to whatever power source is available (hot swap), only one source is needed.

Blazing fast

Thanks to system optimization, from the instant you press the power button, system will be ready to record in 15 seconds. When you need to find a take, even between thousands of takes in a TV series season, you can instantly load a clip. The built in graphic browser is very intuitive and you will find the desired clip the a blink of an eye.

Smart Assist Back

Processed Outputs

You can color correct, even import LUTs from finishing software such as DaVinci. You can compensate for anamorphic lenses, move it, rescale it… You will see it in the touch screen and in the external monitors.

Chroma Key

With the amazing built in Composite Room, you can chroma key, blend, wipe, using pre-recorded or imported clips, stills, import CGI imagery…


System will record and playback when camera does: it will detect when camera starts and stops so that you don’t need to worry while playing back takes. When playing back one take, the system looks for the matching pair of the other camera and plays them back in sync.

Play your clips on an iPad

Choose any of the thousands of clips stored in your project and play them instantly from your iPad, independently of the files being played/recorded on the Smart Assist.

For more information about the Smart Assist 22″ touchscreen unit please see Ovide.

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