Cracker outstanding first six months for camera gear we have had wouldn’t you say? You could even toss Epic out there to describe 2011 so far. Of course there has been a few cine hiccups, snags, and SNAFU moments in the first half of this year but hey that’s all part of the fun.
The remaining six months of 2011 are shaping up to be a doozy with a mix of crazy rumours coming true or floating off to who caresville and will have many puckered buttholes holding out for the RED/Canon/Nikon/Panasonic/Sony release of “The Camera.” Oh yes how we keep hearing about The Camera, as soon as guys and ladette’s get a camera they find a fault and long for The Camera that is just about to come out and be a “Game Changer.”

Peoples thirst for camera gear information has seen the increasing power of social media networks delivering cine facts straight to your screen lickety split good or bad, and don’t we like that. Haven’t we seen some great pranks played out this year putting egg on the faces on quite a few, and dam if that hasn’t split the faces on the rest of us.

So far 2011 is going down as the year of fake stunts, fake X verses Y stouches, and a lot of fake ass Bloggers only writing about gear so they can skim off you. “Please support my site it costs you no extra”; well let me think about that: NO! Who could forget the massive increase in donate now for a prize competitions, don’t worry I make no money from this!
We saw the non demise of an alleged cease and desist over a trademark infringement that seemed to go on and on. Milk it, milk it, a little more. There were plenty of solutions from friends given but the victim paddock was an easier field to roll in.
Hell quick NAB is over someone aught to make a so called movie about that to sell some more units. Oops I hear they have but jeez I hope the plot is a good one because I have already seen the vision!

The Vision Wrangler Awards deliver the highlights of the very best and worst in more or less Indie Cine Gear for the first six months of 2011. We look forward to the rest of 2011 and the cine gear it promises to deliver. Will any of these half yearly VW Highlights feature when the ball drops at Times Square? Only time will tell.

Here are the Vision Wrangler 2011 Top 5 Cine Gear Hits and Misses so far & in no particular order.

Apple FCPx:- Nothing in our game is coming out as is, so expect this App beast to evolve.

Sony FS100:- A black box so ugly you just have to love it, and with an F3 attitude the videos are sure to please. But why not grant 24p across the board?

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle:- With one single finger BMD has said a SDI / HDMI field recorder war is on to its former employee.

RED EPIC:- The frustrating wait and agonizing evolution of this camera can be forgotten and wiped away by a single tear of happiness by those that have witnessed just one EPIC frame.

DSLR 4k Hoax:- With the genesis for this hoax kicking off late last year the reveal was firmly planted in January. 6 secs of recording time with 4:2:2 4K video up to 175 Mb per second on a 550D / T2i DSLR camera? Only a moron couldn’t see what was going to happen. Oh wait line up guys in single file to read gullible is not in the dictionary. Earz62801 take a bow you slayed the DSLR Super Meme’s and the paid for Guru’s, so well done it was fun.

Honorary Mention:-
Sound Devices PIX240 field recorder, P+S TECHNIK PS-Cam X35 camera, OConnor Universal Baseplate, Fastec TS3Cine camera, Sony F65 camera.

Black Diamond Awards:- You can’t hand out an award to a concept one year then re-gift the award the following year that the concept blooms to realization.

Apple FCPx:- The new foursquare on Twitter and with any mention of FCPx in a Tweet good or bad it now makes you a hated poster. FCPx Looks like an Apple in joke about the next version of Avid Liquid. If you don’t get that joke then study up on where FCP came from and why, then that will be funny.
Guys offering FCPx training love the App but everyone else is yet too.

Fake Twitter Accounts: Poor judgement, poor taste, poor skill sets and low IQ’s have bred incredibly dull lackluster poltroon camera guys with the ability to press enter and assume they are funny.

RED Scarlet:- Whatever name it has now days the Scarlet camera has been dogged with a few road blocks. Well if Duke Nukem Forever finally turned up then there is hope still for EPIC’S baby to pop out by years end.

Panasonic AF200 Hoax:- Expect to see a Panasonic AF100 replacement at NAB called the AF200 we were told. Of course like any speculation about a new Canon 5D MIII it was all made up bullshit just to get hits on a Blog. Numbers by any means. Well plenty here are recent graduates of FU and are smarter than that to fall for lame attention seeking. Dam man even Jan popped the hood on that AF200 hoax and pulled the plug on it DEAD!

Honorary Mention:-
Zeiss babyPrimes a PR Stuff up, The turn your lens into 4k hoax. Mistaking NAB for a DSLR Workshop and Tweeting your stupidity. Pro V’s Indie fake fight.

Canon 5D MKIII will be a 2011 no show for super enhanced features or at least a disappointment for the Vimeographers who are hanging out for its release and need it to be the guiding light they are so desperately praying for.
Sony will release details if not the actual unit that is 4k skilled and ready to RED EPIC and ARRI Alexa rumble. Let’s call that Sony 4k camera baby the PMW-F5 and or even the PMW-F7 or are there 2 cameras?
Apple FCPx Will not live on as is.
A DSLR will come out without video features and a video camera will finally give up on thinking we want stills from a video camera. Shock horror.
A smorgasbord of new Field Recording Devices by years end.

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