The AT Automation Technology C4 cameras will almost always get used for industrial inspection use but still we can perv at the specs can’t we? I mean the camera does do 2048 x 2048 Pixels HDR 3D at 340fps.

AT expands its successful C4 camera series of high-speed 3D-sensors with one new model. The new C4-2040-GigE comes with a resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels and delivers more than 66 million 3D points with a profile frequency of up to 32 kHz. The camera is also available in its C4-2040-4M-GigE version, with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.


The C4 sensor acquires height profiles and height images by means of laser sheet-of-light (triangulation) technique: a laser line is projected on the object, the resulting sensor image is evaluated by the C4 camera core and converted into a single height profile. By scanning the laser line over the object a complete height image of the object can be acquired.

By using the C4-Technology of high speed parallel hardware processors the complete 3D data calculation is done inside the camera. This enables the C4-2040-GigE to acquire up to 32000 profiles per second. For a maximum of flexibility, three profile algorithms are included in the C4-core: TRSH, MAX and COG. Furthermore, the choice of the profile algorithm does not influence the profile speed. This means that the profile data are always output at the same maximum speed.

The new 3D-sensor uses a global shutter and exposes all pixels at the same time, this leads to very sharp and clear images. The C4-2040-GigE supports also the HDR-3D technology of Automation Technology, enabling the readout of the sensor with Multi-Slope and Multi-Frame-Readout. This way, the camera reaches a dynamic of up to 90db, scanning even materials and surfaces with inhomogeneous reflectivity properties. Another key-attribute for fast 3D-measuring is the high light-sensitivity of the C4-2040 sensors and their enhanced sensitivity in the NIR spectrum.

Sensor resolution:
2048 x 1088 pixels or 2048 x 2048 pixels

Pixel size:
5,5µm x 5,5µm

Dynamic range:
90dB with HDR-3D

Profile width:
2048 elements

Max. intern image rate (full image):

See AT Automation Technology for more.

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