The SprintCam Vvs HD features the renowned quality and usability of I-MOVIX SprintCam technology, and operates at up to 5,800 fps in 720p (up to 2,700 fps in 1080i), and provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality with a dual output for a live and replay feed.
The heart of the SprintCam Vvs HD is Phantom Powered by Vision Research and latest version of this ultra slow motion system for live HD broadcast production raises the industries ultra-slow-motion performance bar yet again.

New features include a dual output that allows a camera operator to shoot and record at the same time, segmented memory, ramping of speed within a replay, dual output of live action and replay sequences, and integration of both live- and replay-view on the viewfinder. Operational enhancements include compatibility with EVS server ultra-motion mode, a digital lens interface for better iris and lens switch control, improved replay controls, support for synchronization of two cameras in 3D ultra-slow-motion capture, and a new joystick-equipped control panel.

The added-value of SprintCam Vvs HD:

Live and replay dual output

Up to 5,800 fps in 720p / up to 2,700 fps in 1080i

3D Ready

Instant replay

Segmented memory

Ramping of speed within a replay

Built-in intercom

Compatible with EVS ultra-motion mode; also optimized for shoulder-mounted portable shooting

See I-Movix for more details.

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