Nobody wants a tripod anymore it seems… Nowadays it is all hand held brushless gimbal rigs and no tripod in sight.

So it is no surprise that a rig has been made for the popular GoPro POV style cameras. STABiLGO is a motorized, handheld camera stabilizer perfect for smaller action cameras.

STABiLGO is an affordable, motorized stabilizer for active cinematography aimed at GoPro users. A high-speed processor and state of the art gyroscopic sensor work in tandem to keep the camera both perfectly horizontal and vertical. The STABiLGO allows for 180 degrees of pitch movement and 270 degrees of roll movement. It frees you to independently capture movement without a crew or cumbersome equipment. You will produce more usable, cinematic footage with a handheld device. Put the STABiLGO on a monopod or tripod for an instant auto-leveling, portable crane. At 1.5lbs, with a GoPro attached, the design minimizes weight making it ideal for active cinematography.

The unit is a combination of custom parts and readily available and affordable electronics. The unit utilizes 2 re-wrapped brushless motors controlled by a 32-bit Flash Micro Controller Unit. A gyroscopic sensor feeds data to the mini CPU to keep it level. The gimbal is cut from carbon fiber plates. The handle is ABS plastic and has an integrated 7.4v LiPo battery. High flex silicon wires allow for free movement. The STABiLGO allows for 180 degrees of pitch movement (forward/backward tilt) and 270 degrees of roll movement (side to side tilt). Like any gimbal, you attach your camera and set the center of gravity (COG), it’s easy and takes like 5-10 mins. Once balanced for your camera, you’re ready to power it up and start shooting.


The STABiLGO works seamlessly with your existing gear and comes complete. All the mounts are standard 1/4-20 threads and the unit quickly attaches to a tripod plate. With the STABiLGO on a monopod or tripod you have an instant auto-leveling, portable crane.

Every unit comes with one battery and a charger.
With further development the unit will have an easy to change battery.
Our goal is to take this finished unit to production.

STABiLGO SPECS:Run Time: 90 mins on full charge, continuous usage
Roll angle limit: 270 degrees
Pitch angle limit: 180 degrees
Stabilizing speed: roll: 180 degrees/s; pitch: 180 degrees/s
Weight: 470g/16.5oz (670g/23.5oz with a GP3)
Suitable payload: 120g-400g; width: 79mm max
Cameras known to fit: GoPro HERO2, HERO3
Power: LiPo battery- 7.4v 1000Mah 20c
Current: 160mA ~ 400mA
COG adjustment range: X: 27.5mm Y:11.5mm Z:35.5mm

To back this project hit up the STABiLGO Kickstarter page or visit their STABiLGO website.

HT to @steadirob for the find.

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