Manfrotto may bill the PIXI as a mini tripod for video and photos, but I’ve been using something like this for years as a desk top mic holder in press conferences. Perhaps the Manfrotto PIXI could do that too.

Manfrotto do say the PIXI is versatile, and maybe they just don’t realize how so. Yes there are similar mini tripods out there and a lot of those are knock offs of knock offs, but the build quality can be the killer with them. This Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod looks alright, and hopefully has the build to match.

Throw a peg style mini clamp on that thread and you just might have the makings of a very portable and fantastic microphone stand.

Manfrotto PIXI

Thanks to its quality construction and universal attachment PIXI is compatible with most devices. From the iPhone (with KLYP) to compact cameras, from Compact System Cameras to DSLR’s.

See Manfrotto for more information about the PIXI mini tripod, and if you need a peg style mini clip / clamp then hit up your local music store or even eBay. Here was the first eBay search I did for the clip. Just be careful with the clips too as their build quality can be a bit iffie as well.

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