Sennheiser have released the evolution soundroom app. It is designed to help you select the right microphone that’s right for you.

With such a broad range of microphones meeting a wide spectrum of needs, what’s the best way to identify the Sennheiser mic that’s right for you? What’s the difference between vocal microphones like the e 935 and e 945?

How does the bass drum sound change when it is picked up by two microphones? With the ‘evolution Soundroom’ app for the iPad you can stop wondering and get hands on: just select a microphone and listen to its sound using professional recordings!

evolution soundroom

“This app brings the reproduction side of a recording studio to the iPad,” explains Oliver Ohrndorf, Marketing Manager for Music Industry, Live Sound and Rental. “’evolution Soundroom’ not only allows users to compare microphones virtually, but also to create their own mixes and save them as presets.”

Based on professional recordings
The audio material used for the iPad app has been recorded with incredible precision in the Sennheiser Studio (formerly Peppermint Park Studio) by Gregor Zielinsky, tonmeister and International Recording Applications Manager, and live sound engineer Sebastian Schmitz, Product Manager for Wired Microphones.
With drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet, trombone and saxophone, the audio recordings for the app are extensively orchestrated and show the best microphones for each instrument.

All microphone tracks are available in high audio quality (44.1 kHz WAV), raw and can be remixed to suit the user’s requirements. Using the app, users can listen to and compare the following Sennheiser microphones:

Vocal microphones:
MK 4 (large-diaphragm true condenser, cardioid)
e 965 (large-diaphragm true condenser, cardioid and super-cardioid)
e 945 (dynamic, super-cardioid)
e 935 (dynamic, cardioid)
e 865 (condenser, super-cardioid)
e 845 (dynamic, super-cardioid)
e 835 (dynamic, cardioid)

evolution soundroom app

Instrument microphones:
Bass drum: e 901 (miked from the inside), e 902 (inside + outside), e 602 (outside)
Snares: e 904 above; e 604 top and bottom
Hi-hat: e 914, e 614
Rack tom: e 904, e 604
Floor tom: e 904, e 902
Overheads: 2 x MK 4, 2 x e 914
Bass: MK 4, e 906, direct out
Electric guitar (solo): MK 4, e 906
Electric guitar (rhythm): MK 4, e 906, e 606
Electric guitar (room mic): MK 4
Acoustic guitar: 2 x MK 4, direct out
Trumpet: MK 4, e 908
Trombone: MK 4, e 908
Saxophone: MK 4, e 908
Wind instruments, room mics: 2 x MK 4

Building on this exciting feature set, Sennheiser plans to develop the app further, for example, by adding different musical styles.

The evolution Soundroom app can be downloaded from the Apple Store for free.

More information is available at Sennheiser.

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