When the 2010 Digital Video Expo DV Black Diamond Award winners were announced on September 30 one product that received a gong was the Zacuto Z-Finder EVF. Yippee quick whack that information and award logo on a sticker and slap it on the box and for sure mention it at point of sale, because up yours if you didn’t win one. Hey wait point of sale is a while off I hear you say on that Zacuto EVF, good point. Well when can they gloat that they won a sweet Black Diamond Award at point of sale? For Zacuto and that EVF they say there are two release dates. First Zacuto EVF release date is February and second one is set down for March 2011. Aaaaah Cool no dramas plenty of time to go to the sticker shop and mint up a sweet batch of suck it we won a Black Diamond Award for our product and you didn’t.

Hang on a minute back it up you keep mentioning product are you sure that EVF won an award for product because last time I checked product is reserved for the end of the manufacturing process when something is market ready. Well I’m telling you the Black Diamond Awards at this years Digital Video Expo were handed out to the best products go see for yourself here.

Why what seems to be bugging you. Alright you want it blunt here it is, based on the Zacuto EVF win why didn’t the RED Scarlet camera win an award this year or last? Why oh why didn’t the RED Scarlet camera win a Black Diamond Award? Maybe just maybe it might be that it’s not finished, it’s not for sale, and it’s not a product yet. Yeah but the RED Scarlet camera will be on the market for sale soon right after a short delayed delay we are promised. I mean it has to be out soon we have seen pretty pictures of it and even some spanking footage came from it so for sure that little RED piggy will be off to market soon and sold as product.

OK so based on why the RED Scarlet hasn’t won any awards yet I can totally now see where you are going with this. The freshly painted still drying yet to be released Zacuto EVF should be called a working prototype EVF instead of a product right? Sounds nice but concept EVF just might fit the bill a little better. Concept EVF? Well just listen to the delayed 2nd version Zacuto video, that current EVF is going to change shrink stretch and be fine tuned to have new stuff slapped on it and poked into it. So which EVF won the Black Diamond Award again, the product or the concept.

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