The Tiffen Company have announced the availability of a special Steadicam bundle configuration – The Steadicam Merlin Arm & Vest. The new Steadicam Merlin Arm & Vest kit includes the Steadicam Merlin 2 camera stabilizing systems as well as the Merlin’s Arm Pin Kit and Vest, sold as one complete package. The new configuration offers a special discount over purchasing systems and components individually.

Merlin 2 Arm and Vest

Tiffen claim that together, the Merlin Arm and Vest increase your shooting options. The operator can ease the Merlin back against the body and shoot “handheld,” with both hands on the camera, and fly seamlessly back off the shoulder and continue moving. With practice, operators can fly the Merlin one-handed right off the mounting post during a shot (docking the arm to the vest with the other hand) and execute unique Merlin shot opportunities – ultra-low or ultra-high angles – and then slip it back onto the arm to continue the shot.

For more information about the Steadicam Merlin 2 Arm & Vest Unit System, please contact your local authorized Steadicam dealer:
Tiffen (USA)
Tiffen (international)

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