Panavision recently had on display a full mock up of their 70mm sensor camera at Plus Camerimage: The International Film Festival Of The Art Of Cinematogrphy which was held in Poland back in November – December 2012.

70mm Panavision Camera

According to Cinefii in an article published way back on December the 5th, the specs available on the 70mm sensor Panavision camera are:

The Panavision 70mm digital camera – which has a brand new sensor, equivalent to 70mm film. There’s still work needed to get the sensor and cooling system right, so they’re not ready to release firm details, but here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Panavision 70mm Digital Camera Panavision Digital 70mm prototype camera, next to the Panavision Super 70 camera:

•The camera will feature on-board recording via an SSD, perhaps 1.5Tb

•It will feature a Titanium body, and should be a couple of pounds lighter than the Arri Alexa.

•It is expected to record DNxHD and ProRes, in RGB and maybe RAW.

•The sensor can be windowed down to 42mm and 35mm formats.

•They’re keen to allow a wide range of metadata to be captured and recorded onboard, making it “the VFX department’s dream camera“

•They are also looking to develop a new open codec format
We’re expecting to see a prototype in the next six months…

Panavision 70mm Camera

Please read the Cinefii article for full details on the Panavision 70mm digital camera. Pictures and details thanks to Cinefii.

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