The complete MYT 3 IN 1 system, you can achieve dolly movement with the camera mounted on the MYT GLIDE, easily switch to a static shot with the MYT HI-HAT and continue with a tracking shot using the MYT SKATE without ever unmounting the camera from a tripod head.

Thanks to AbelCine Tech for the Video, please see them for more great products.

The patented MYT 3 IN 1 system is truly is a one-of-a-kind innovation. A hybrid system allowing for operators with the flip of a latch to move from a portable slider dolly, to a hi-hat or a skater dolly and vice versa without ever breaking down the camera setup. We know that on-set time is of the essence and ease of use is key, and frankly it doesn’t get much faster or easier to move between sliding, static, and skating shots than with the MYT 3 IN 1.


Thanks to @EricDiosay for the link.
See MYT Works for more details.

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