Sony CLM-V55 HDMI 5-inch Monitor

With video now available on the Alpha range of Sony DSLR cameras, along comes a new way to view and achieve critical focus. Made for Sony Alpha and NEX cameras in mind however any camera with a HDMI output should be able to take advantage of the CLM-V55.

The Sony CLM-V55 Monitor features:
Push-wheel for independent screen controls.
Headphone jack for live audio monitoring.
Brightness, contrast, and colour temperature controls.
Peaking feature.
800 × 460 dot resolution.
1x magnifier for fine focusing.
Aspect ratio adjustment.
Dedicated hot shoe mount.
Sun shade.
Powered by a standard Sony Alpha battery.
Can be used with other Sony cameras.

Available February / March for around $399.

Sony CLM-V55 HDMI DSLR 5-inch Monitor

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