From Jacek Zakowicz and Optitek we see they have a new 1080p HDMI HD Wireless Monitoring setup that states it will have zero delay and will be available after New Years. The Optitek HD Wireless Monitoring set up is ideal for RED camera rigs and most other setups with HDMI outputs. Check with Janek for model and make compatability with his HD Wireless Monitoring units.

This is a fully integrated professional solution small and light (under 2 lbs receiver, monitor and 3-4 hr battery), very affordable, ideal for focus pullers, directors etc. Works great with Red and other cameras.
Zero delay will make focus pullers very happy.
Around $600 for Tx / Rx kit with cables and battery . Monitors sold separately.
The units will power from aux port from the camera or battery such as Dtap from AB batteries. cable tested from 7V up to 17V.
HD wireless monitor will work line of sight to about 120 ft(35 or so meters)
Two walls in between bring it down to under 50 ft.

See Optitek for more.

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