Now if you get to be one of the first to see a Canon C300 camera and not use it but have access to a one on one chat with Canon head honchos don’t waste your time dropping label to camera references and product endorsement tie ins. That is hell boring.
This is how you do a one on one interview with a new camera in hand with some shiny bum camera guys. This is the interview you can take tips from, learn from, and feel good about, gosh even feel clean having read it. Your knowledge of cameras will increase not go down as a result of reading this interview. NB some celebrity bloggers will only cover cameras, gear, and issues if they can profit from it somehow. That is hell boring.

Amateur Photographer caught up with Peter Yabsley, Canon Europe’s business development manager for professional video, Michael Burnhill, Canon Europe’s professional support specialist and Kojiro Yoshikawa, professional business manager for Consumer Imaging, Canon Europe.

The guys chatted about the Canon C300 camera, form factor, lenses, 3D, 3 chip design and single chip design, and the 4k DSLR concept camera and where that is headed. Look to around June (Northern Summer) 2012 for a Canon 4k DSLR form factor camera release date.

Please read more of how to act like a real journalist and extract relevant impartial information about Canon cameras etc at Amateur Photographer.

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