You recently saw that View Factor Novo, the heavily modified GoPro Hero 3 camera and thought you might like to do that yourself. Well maybe not quite the same as the Novo but you could open up and attempt to give your GoPro 3 a little repair or DIY love. According to ifixit the GoPro Hero 3 camera scores a healthy 7 out of 10 for ease of repair. ifixit performed a full teardown on the GoPro 3 camera and concluded that the battery is intended to be easily replaced by the user, and requires no tools to access. The entire device can be disassembled with readily-available tools. The GoPro Hero 3’s modular design throughout allows replacement of several individual components.
In a 16 part step by step teardown of the GoPro camera’s innards, ifixit managed to expose the heart of the camera, its Sony IMX117 image sensor.

GoPro 3 Sony IMX117 image sensor

The sensor supports 12 MP imaging at up to an impressive 35 fps, even though the camera advertises a burst rate of 30 fps.

GoPro Hero 3 Teardown

Thanks to ifixit’s guide, because it may come in handy for some needing to perform vital repairs to their damaged Hero 3 cameras. Or they may want to mod the hell out of the Hero 3 camera, and now have a step by step guide on how to get started. If you need more GoPro Hero 3 camera teardown information then check out the ifixit post and the complete Chipworks teardown as well.

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