What happens when you buy a GoPro Hero 3 camera and put some crazy DIY mods on it? Well if you are View Factor then the Novo Digital Camera is sure to be the outcome.

Here is the latest weekend project from View Factor – a rehoused GoPro Hero 3! These are VERY difficult to assemble and as such we aren’t going to be offering them as a product, but the good news is that we have worked out a rental program with the kind folks at Radiant Images in Los Angeles.

The Novo has an adjustable back focus ring and can work with nearly any C-Mount lens. We have an internal CPU interfaced to the camera that allows us to enable/disable the auto exposure as well as provide digital zoom for checking critical focus. The buttons on the front are assignable to several functions depending on the application.

Novo Digital Camera

Radiant Images the guys that brought you those cool cameras used on the End Of Watch movie that we covered will have a package deal which includes the Novo camera, custom geared C-Mount lenses, and misc accessories.

Check out their site at Radiant Images and see View Factor for more details coming soon about the Novo rehoused GoPro Hero 3 camera.

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