The good folks over at MYT Works have dropped a few sneak peek pictures of what they are calling their up coming Knuckle Camera Support System. It is expected that the MYT Knuckle Camera Support System will be on display at NAB 2013 for all to see. Now along with the Knuckle Camera Support System, MYT Works have also said that they are making what they describe as a new type of Hi-Hat base, called Sparkle Doughnut Bases for 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Bowls and Mitchell Bases.

MYT Knuckle Camera SupportMYT Knuckle

We’ve just machined a complete new take on the traditional Hi-Hat base, nicknamed the MYT Sparkle for the sprinkling of holes over its surface. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be able to post pictures before the NAB convention in April. Currently in production, soon to go through anodizing, the MYT Sparkle should be introduced in March and available right away. This is one feature-loaded camera support system and will be incredibly useful on any set!

Please see MYT Works for more information on their up coming Knuckle Camera Support System and Sparkle Doughnut Bases.

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