We covered brite-View a few years ago when we posed the question “Could you make a DIY Teradek?” Back then brite-View had the AirSyncHD which worked OK, but they said they were working on a solution and the HDelight II BVW-100 digital wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is a good start.

Like the Nyrius ARIES Prime Digital Wireless HDMI transmitter & receiver system, the brite-View HDelight II setup puts a cost effective uncompressed 1080P wireless monitoring solution within reach.

brite-View HDelight II Features at a Glance:

brite-View HDelight II BVW-100

Wirelessly transmits any digital entertainment content from the HDMI-ready device to the display.
Supports up to 1080p@60Hz for up to 20 feet (line-of-sight).
No noticeable latency.
Plug and Play: the transmitter and receiver automatically detects and connects to each other.
The transmitter and receiver are uniquely paired for point-to-point communication.
Light-weight and portable size making it so easy to carry.

Please see brite-View for more information about their HDelight II digital wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver.

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