NAB 2013 is done and dusted and those on the R&D and product side of it now get to take away the positives and the negatives and work on them for another 12 months where they will do it all again. Jim Jannard popped up on RECON over at REDUser and gave his thoughts on 4K filmmaking then, now, and beyond. This counts as an NAB wrap up right?


We entered the market way back when with a 4K camera. Our thinking was that 1080P was not good enough to replace film. We were right apparently… 7 years later.

What we learned along the way was that while 4K acquisition was certainly better than 1080P… it was not ideal.

A 4K finish from a bayer pattern sensor (what everyone does) begs for more captured resolution than 4K. A 1080P sensor (1920×1080) does not fill up a 1080P box. A 4K sensor also does not fill up a 4K box.

Our M-X sensor captured 4.5K in a RED ONE and 5K in an EPIC-X (or EPIC-M). Much better. The 4K box was almost full. 6K… the 4K box is overflowing.

Going forward, we realize that down-rezzing has a HUGE advantage to final output. Hence the 6K Dragon.

Not only do you have the option to recompose, stabilize, and zoom… the idea of down-rezzing gives a much better final output to a 4K delivery. It lowers noise. You get apparent sharpness without sharpening.

So while the others have joined the party… they have entered where we were 7 years ago. They have thrown the ball to where the receiver was… not where he is.

At some point you need to decide who you believe will deliver the future. The company with the vision, or the company that follows the vision. Who is ahead and who is behind?

If the company with the vision also happens to embrace their customers at all costs (upgrades instead of all new cameras)… you win every which way you look at it.

The choice is yours… We have things in the works you wouldn’t believe…


The question / statement was put to Jim: OK – I am sure you’ll correct me if I am wrong but I believe in most quarters the F65 is considered something of a “modified” Bayer pattern approach. Although the pixels are on a diagonal, I believe the “de-mosaicing” principles are the same. :-)

But the other gentleman was not talking about the F65 anyway.

to which Jim replied: The F65 is a nice (rather large) 4K camera.

OK you know where to go for the rest over at REDUser.

Image, Quotes all belong to RED.

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