Coming out of New Zealand is the Shotover Camera Systems 6 axis gyro stabilized gimbal which is perfect for aerial cinema photography.

The Shotover Camera System has been designed specifically for the cinema industry for shooting stabilzed aerial footage from moving platforms, primarily helicopters with no aircraft maneuver or camera pointing limitations. Our systems are as light and small as they can be and do not require a technician to be on hand. In fact our systems can be broken down into excess baggage size pieces allowing all equipment to go directly with an operator for a job.

An ergonomic control center and a user customizable graphics overlayed monitor feed gives the operator everything they need to have precise control over the camera at all times, independent of aircraft motion.

With an ultra light carbon fiber structure, top of the line Angenieux Optimo 24-290 lenses with high end cameras and non-export controlled sensors, this system provides the most flexible unit and highest quality image production available.

Once you have had a chance to use our system we are sure you will be very satisfied with its performance and capabilities. And our systems, unlike most other companies, can be purchased. If you are looking to own the best now is your chance.

See Shotover Camera Systems for more information.

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