An interchangeable mount system from Duclos Lenses for the Canon 15.5-47mm and 30-105mm lenses.

Duclos Multi-Mount

Nobody wants to choose a lens based strictly on the camera and its mount, especially in an ever evolving industry that offers a newer, faster, better camera every few months. Duclos Lenses saw the potential with Canon’s newest professional zoom lenses, available in Arri PL or Canon EF mount, and fitted them with a custom universal mount system they call the Multi-Mount.

The Multi-Mount from Duclos Lenses is a conversion applied to the Canon Compact Zooms that features a standardised sub-mount that allows the user to quickly and easily swap between Arri PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Panavision, Micro 4/3, and just about any other camera mount. It’s a simple, reliable solution that uses high quality materials to ensure accurate flange depth tolerances. An adjustable back focus provision allows the user to collimate the lens with proper test equipment or even in the field on a camera.

The Canon Compact Zooms provide lightweight, professional build quality with Super 35 format coverage. Combined with the Duclos Lenses Multi-Mount, these zooms will work on just about any Super 35 format camera including Arri, Red, Canon, Panavision, Blackmagic, and more. There’s no need to choose one mount over another with the Duclos Lenses Multi-Mount and the Canon Compact Zooms. Simply choose the proper mount, install, calibrate, and shoot.

The lenses can be purchased with the Multi-Mount directly from Duclos Lenses, an authorised Canon Cinema EOS Lens Dealer, or sent in for the modification. The cost for the Multi-Mount is $1,500 from Duclos Lenses + the cost of the lens itself. If you already own the lens you can send it in to have the Multi-Mount installed at a cost of $1,900. Both costs include the modification parts, installation, and one mount flange of choice. Additional mounts are $400 each.

The Duclos Lenses Multi-Mount is currently only available for the Canon 15.5-47mm T2.8 and the 30-105mm T2.8. Converting the Canon Compact Zooms from a factory Canon EF mount to the Multi- Mount system does not maintain any electronic communication between the lens and the camera. All Multi-Mount flanges are “dumb” mounts – no electronic communication.

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