Spotted a piece about this filter deep in a Provideocoalition article by @adamwilt : So checked out the Tessive website and studied up on their cool filter that reduces wagon wheel effect or aliasing by using a liquid crystal plate called the “Time Filter.”

The Tessive Time Filter is the front-end filter to reduce temporal aliasing (temporal aliasing is bad; reducing it is a good thing.) Temporal aliasing reduction makes a substantial improvement to a motion picture camera’s ability to represent motion correctly.

The Time Filter is a liquid crystal plate sized for a standard filter holder, and is available in either 5.65″ by 4″ or in 4″ by 4″ formats. An electronic box controls the liquid crystal and connects to the camera for synchronization. The aliasing reduction is an in-camera effect.

Tessive Time Filter demo with helicopter:

Most people concentrate only on the frame rate (usually 24fps), but that just determines how fast and in which direction a wagon-wheel will rotate incorrectly. The real action is in the shuttering of the camera. The Tessive Time Filter is a secondary shutter attached to the front of a digital motion picture camera. It is a liquid crystal shutter that slips right into the matte box just like any filter. There’s an electronic control box that controls the Time Filter and synchronizes it with the digital camera. Set the camera to a 360-degree shutter angle and let the Time Filter take over shuttering within the frame.

See Tessive for more information on the Time Filter.

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