I have wanted to write old mole into a post for a while… Today that dream comes true.

Save your old Mole, ARRI, and Desisti lights with a NLYTN EGT drop-in LED upgrade from Hexolux.

NLYTN EGT Tungsten Bulb Replacement

The $750 kit (single unit price) upgrades an existing Mole, Arri or Desisti 1 kilowatt halogen fresnel fixture to a high performance daylight color temperature LED instrument in 2 minutes.

The upgraded light draws only 150 watts and supports external legacy dimmers, requiring no change to infrastructure or workflow. It focuses from 15 to 60 degrees using the fixture’s existing mechanism with a Color Rendition Index of more than 93.
Spotted down, the light projects 580 foot-candles at 10 feet. This is 25% more light than a popular 200-watt purpose-built LED fresnel that is four times the installed cost and requires changes in infrastructure and workflow.

The kit consists of a diffractive optical element that replaces the glass lens and an LED module that replaces the EGT halogen bulb of the upgraded fresnel.
“This breakthrough in lighting comes about from leveraging the LED, optics, thermal management and power supply technologies we developed for our D7 multi-purpose field light.” said Pete Smith, Founder of Hexolux.

For more: NLYTN EGT.

HT Andrew Jones.

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