Our alter ego Vision Wrangler will be looking at the Came-TV 7800 Gimbal.

The brushless gimbal turned up from Came-TV and we set about unboxing, checking the rig parts and charging the supplied battery.

The Came-TV 7800 came boxed nice and snug in its own custom cut foam and no knocks or damage from travel that we can see. Fingers crossed anyway, as we need to balance the rig and power it on for first run.

The 7800 Gimbal came 99% assembled but no instructions for the remaining 1%… I dropped my shoulders and muttered damn.
Good news for me and any other brushless gimbal novice out there, as MDI Film just so happens to have put together a three part video series on how to assemble balance and run your Came-TV 7800 Gimbal.

Came-7800 Introduction from Johnny Wu on Vimeo.

Came-7800 Balancing from Johnny Wu on Vimeo.

Came-7800 Battery and Monitor from Johnny Wu on Vimeo.

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