Enjoy a 24 minute look at the Dedo Weigert Film Reflected Light System.

Reflected Light System

The Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) provides a different way of lighting, using reflected light with a parallel beam to precisely direct the light. This creates a working environment which is free of cables, heat, and it is quick to make changes to the lighting. The results, using the CRLS system, have been described as producing “a very natural type of light.”

The system has proven itself on many feature films.

This video – Reflected Light System – shows the CRLS system at work, the results which can achieved, and examples of how to use it.

Background to the Cine Reflect Lighting System

The Austrian Oscar nominee for cinematography, Christian Berger, has broken with the guidelines on the set regarding lighting. He looks at light in another way and uses only reflected light.

“My main intention was to invent a luminaire that would create beautiful light that would, at the same time, reduce stress on Actors, Directors and, of course, Cinematographers, while at the same time offer great flexibility,” Christian explained.

The idea of the PARALLEL BEAM SYSTEM is to avoid diminishing the light by “obstacles” (cutters, flags, scrims) and to replace these tools by special reflectors that can dramatically influence dramatically the shape and structure of the light that reaches a scene. For best efficiency, it is crucial to use the special reflectors with parallel light beams. (In other words, they won’t work as well with ordinary Fresnels or PARs.) The reflectors use specially calculated laminations and diverse coatings.

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