Dedo Weigert Film turn to spectrum analysis to look at the entire light spectrum and take many samples to evaluate the characteristics of LED light sources.

Traditional CRI misses important information on colors called R9, which is red, and on R13, the skin color; and several others which also have importance.

An approach that brings us a lot closer to reliable evaluation of LED light sources, putting them in relation with other light sources is called TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index).

But TLCI is mainly based on the response from studio cameras, being usually cameras with 3CCD sensors, whilst most of the mobile teams are working with cameras based on CMOS sensors.

Spectrum analyzers, as they are used in scientific institutes, are relatively expensive and bulky. Today, however, there already exist some portable spectrum analyzers which can give us valid and often correct information.

A major problem can be seen in the fact that cameras with CMOS sensors tend to show different color response towards LED light sources, needing different corrections.

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