Dedo Weigert Film show you some useful techniques achieving light and shadow shaping using imagers and projection attachments.

Light & Shadow Shaping – with Imagers / Projection Attachments from Dedo Weigert Film GmbH on Vimeo.

As we mentioned before, with regular focusing lights barn doors will always give a relatively soft shadow edge, although this is depicted a bit more defined when the light is in the flood position, whilst in the spot position the barn doors become ineffective and no clean shadow shapes can be formed.

Already the original focusing dedolight was offered with an imager / projection attachment, for which the optics had been designed to cooperate with the more complex dual-lens optical design of the dedolight (patented double-aspheric system).

These imagers / projection attachments now exist for any size in the entire dedolight range, from the smallest 10W LED light to the largest 1200W HMI light.

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