Well I am sad that the little camera that was to be the “Soccer Mom Camera” grew up and left home only to go down stairs to the basement away from prying accusing eyes. That Bastard RED camera may well stay a shut in for a while longer, maybe forever who knows other than top level management at RED.

Scarlet we said in jest that DSLR’s are the Scarlet “Killer” and that is a “Game Changer” but of course they are just weasel words.
We love cameras we love camera gear, the old, the new, and the stuff in between getting built for all those clever boys and girls. I don’t care about the Scarlet camera price the size the workflow or the specs, now or at the cameras completion. I do care for it to be made in some shape way form and a completion delivery date set and it turns up on sites and is used.

For those that lost a dream today pick up any camera and get on with it because the best camera tool the best story teller the production piece of equipment you will ever own is right there between your chubby little ears.

Scarlet if you can’t be a Soccer Mom camera please reinvent yourself and came back as a tuff as nails super buff life term prisoner covered in bad boy tatts!

For those playing at home here is JJ’s Dynamite!

Who is RED…. We didn’t exactly know for sure. But we are slowly figuring it out.

The concept of RED was to build a camera with as much capability as possible… for the professional market. Then we thought we could extend it down a bit to the prosumer level. Apparently, that was a mistake.

We recently came to the conclusion that, indeed, we cater to the professional market. That’s it. A pro camera company. We want to build the best tools possible for those that want to “man up”. There are plenty of companies dedicated to selling prosumer (short for “almost right”) cameras. We aren’t going to be one of them.

If you want a serious tool to use for professional projects… think RED. No more “soccer mom” thinking. Pros only. Life is short and the clock is ticking. We have decided who we are.


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