DeluxGear has announced a neoprene cover that will help protect your valuable glass. The new padded Lens Guard fits snugly over the end of your lens to protect lenses and filters. The tough cushiony waterproof caps fit both ends of your precious sweet glass saving you from scrapes and scratches.
Price $14.99 plus a lens size chart for your to see which size Lens Guard is right for your lens.

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Your camera is around your neck or slung over your shoulder, and when you get something out of your trunk or lean through your car window, your camera develops a mind of its own. It swings forward and bangs whatever is in front of it. How often have you had that happen?

How many times have you been out walking or hiking and your lens bumps a limb or scrapes a rock? Or when you’re simply leaving the house, the first thing you know, your camera lens has smacked against the door? As a photographer, you know that if there is something to bump into, your camera will find it.

Finally there is a solution. It’s called the Lens Guard.

The Lens Guard is like the bumper of a car. It provides impact protection while preventing mishaps. The Lens Guard protects your expensive lenses and filters, preserving their functionality and value while reducing costly trips to the repair shop.

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