A motorized camera slider from Pocketslider. The Pocketslider comes in two lengths, 75 cm 30″ and 100 cm 40″ with special sizes up to 1.8m 6′ upon request. The 75 cm version including dolly, control unit and batteries weighs 3.1kg 6.8 lbs. The 100 cm version weighs 3.7 kg 8.2 lbs.
Thanks to @jameswebbtv for this find.

The control system and battery are combined in one device. The speed is infinitely adjustable. Clockwise/left-handed rotation. The energy (12 volt) comes from eight commercially available AA batteries.

The housing of the dolly is made of aluminium, CNC-milled. The surface has a black powder coating. At the top side, there is a three-eights thread screw, where every tripod/video head may be screwed on.

The slider may be operated in a horizontal, vertical and overhead way. The maximum camera weight in horizontal operation is approx. 6 kg 13 lbs, in vertical/diagonal function approx. 3,5 kg 7.7 lbs including head.

For more deets head on over to Pocketslider.

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