Not on sale as of yet but this college industrial design project does live as a prototype called Duopod and Talon. Name infringements aside as Letus already have a Talon range the Duopod and Talon combo form to make a Steadicam Shoulder Rig Tripod Hot Shoe Grip thingy for DSLR cameras.

Duopod Demo:

Duopod can perform as a steadicam, transform into a shoulder or chest mount, or sit in neutral position to be used as a ‘tripod’.

It can be mounted onto a tripod providing a gimbal levelled tripod head with 360º free movement. Users can configure Duopod to suit their needs and it folds compactly so it can be carried until an opportune moment arises…

CAD Fly Through:


If the Duopod does go into production it most likely will be made from a tough plastic such as ABS, acetal or aluminum.

See Duopod for more and register your interest if you want this rig to become real.

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