PMG Multirotors has introduced its newest addition to the aerial cinema market, the Recon: OCTO. An eight armed aerial platform capable of holding up to a 25+lb payload for a max flight time of over 20+ minutes.

Full Octo front

The Recon: OCTO is custom fabricated in three different size/payload capacities ranging from 18″, 22″, and 26″ arm lengths. This range allows the OCTO to stabilize a wide variety of camera configurations including but not limited to: pocket cameras, DSLR’s, small cinema cameras, R3D, Sony FS700, Canon C series, and many others. The OCTO’s durable body has been hand fabricated and machined in The USA out of harden Aluminum.

Octo Rails close side angle

Each piece has been finished in a Cerakote coating and was built specifically around locking quick release components and detachable arms for easy storage and transport. The OCTO has been designed with the cinema industry in mind and built around the camera platform.

With a quick release dovetail slider for easy gimbal mounting/adjustment and a retractable landing gear allowing for full 360 degree gimbal rotation while in the air, this truly is a cutting edge aerial platform for film/photo capture.

Full Octo top


Please contact us at or call PMG Multirotors directly on 1-(951) 272-9800 for any questions or inquiries.

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